Nor Cal Solar Services prides ourselves in offering the most affordable solar systems in the Bay Area. We take advantage of all the available incentives to reduce the project cost to you. With incentives and rebates quickly diminishing and utility cost on the rise, now is the time to install a Solar PV system!

“Where do I start”, you ask? Well you are on the right track if you are reading this. We highly recommend to diligently do your research…educate yourself on the products and programs available. Make appointments with multiple installers and request proposal from each. By doing this you will have the ammunition to make the correct choice for you. Go Solar California offers a great tool to help you understand the cost that is associate with solar PV systems and the financial return on your investment.

How does it all work?

Solar energy—power from the sun—is a vast and inexhaustible resource. Once a system is in place to convert it into useful energy, the fuel is free and will never be subject to the ups and downs of energy markets. Furthermore, it represents a clean alternative to the fossil fuels that currently pollute our air and water, threaten our public health, and contribute to global warming. Given the abundance and the appeal of solar energy, this resource is poised to play a prominent role in our energy future.


What is the cost ? The example below is from a quote submitted in 2014. As you will see, we utilized all the incentives to make your money work for you. Stop investing in the utility companies and start investing in yourself.

System 4kW DC (3.2kW AC)

  • 16 – Hanwha 255 Watt Modules
  • 16 – Enphase 215 Inverters
  • 1 – Envoy Monitoring System
  • Racking, Mounts, Accessories, and Installation
  • We facilitate the design, permitting, and applications

Cost Analysis

  • Gross Cost $14,500
  • 30% Federal Tax Credit ($4,350)
  • Net Cost First Year $10,150
  • Pay yourself back in less then 5 years
  • Add up to $22,000 in value to your home

This is how you make your investment work for you with 0$ down!

  • Finance with an FHA loan through Admiral Bank
  • 4.95% APR (Amortized)
  • 20 Year terms (No Prepayment Penalty)
  • 0$ money out of pocket!
  • Eliminate $150 Utility Bill
  • New monthly payment would be $127
  • The interest paid is tax deductible like property taxes…$756 annually!
  • NET monthly payment $64
  • Over the life of the system you will get $15,120 in tax deductions
  • Increase the equity in your home by $27,000

For $127 a month you get…

  • $4,650 Federal Tax Credit
  • $15,120 in tax deductions
  • $27,000 in increased equity
  • $49,464 in utility saving
  • Total amount you get in returns $96,234

This system is designed to eliminate a $150 electric utility bill. In the next 5 years you will give the utility company $9,946 and in 2016 the Federal Tax Credit expires…. What are YOU going to do?

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